May is National Nurse Appreciation Month

Hear real nurses talk about how implementing Simplist® syringes can save time and allow them to focus on patient care.

See the Baptist Health Case Study to learn more about how Fresenius Kabi helps support nurses.

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Clinical Education

On-site and virtual clinical nurse education

Our team of Clinical Nurse Liaisons has specialization in medication administration practices and are available for in-person and virtual support. We want clinicians to be comfortable and confident using Simplist.®

Clinical Education

  • On-site and virtual Simplist medication administration nursing assessment and recommendations
  • Review of Simplist Ready-to-Administer (RTA) Instructions for Use and educate staff on proper use, as needed
  • Collaboration with nurse educators and the patient safety and regulatory/quality compliance teams to support Simplist education and training
Simplist MicroVault Instructions for Use Video

Simplist MicroVault Instructions for Use Video

Simplist MicroVault Instructions for Use Poster

Simplist MicroVault Instructions for Use Poster


CDC’s Position — Protect Patients Against Preventable Harm from Improper Use of Single-dose / Single-use Vials

In an effort to ensure clinicians are clear about CDC guidelines, the Agency is restating its position on the use of single-dose/single-use vials and also seeks to dispel inaccuracies being disseminated to healthcare providers.

ISMP Safe Practice Guidelines for Adult IV Push Medications*

The ISMP Guidelines for Safe Practice of Adult IV Push Medications were developed to help healthcare facilities standardize the safe administration of parenteral IV push medications and prevent unsafe practices and at-risk behaviors associated with IV push administration of adult medications.*

Ready-to-Administer (RTA) MedSafety Tracer Tool

The tool is composed of four modules designed to help hospitals in assessing the challenges and barriers and prioritizing and developing corrective action plans to improve the safety of injectable medications.

American Nurse Today: A matter of IV push drug safety*

In this article experts weigh in on what nurses need to know about IV Push drug safety.*

Risk of Patient Harm Related to Unnecessary Dilution of Ready-to-Administer Prefilled Syringes: A Literature Review*

The purpose of this article is to review the existing literature and to assess the incidence and nature of errors related to the unnecessary dilution of RTA intravenous (IV) push medications in the inpatient clinical setting*

*Not all Simplist products are intended for IV Push administration. Please see Package Inserts for full prescribing information.

Be comfortable and confident using Simplist

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