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Hear real nurses talk about how implementing Simplist® syringes can save time and allow them to focus on patient care.

See the Baptist Health Case Study to learn more about how Fresenius Kabi helps support nurses.

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Simplist® ready-to-administer (RTA) prefilled syringes are there when you need to respond quickly in critical moments.

Simplist preparation helps reduce the opportunity for error1

  • Ready-to-administer
  • Manufacturer-prepared
  • 24- or 36-month shelf life
  • Single unit dosing

Simplist is associated with a 4x lower error rate* compared to traditional practice, including a cartridge-based systems1

4 times lower error rate with Simplist syringes


lower error rate

A prospective, multisite, observational study of IV push medication preparation and administration compared the error rates between ready-to-administer products and traditional practice, including a cartridge-based syringe system and vial and syringe.

  • Simplist was the only RTA delivery system used in the study
  • Study limitations include only a select number of sites (3) and steps observed

Ready-to-administer delivery system benefits2

Medication Safety

  • Fewer steps and manipulations, minimizing contamination and limiting the opportunities for medication errors2,3
  • Optimizing product presentations with single unit doses may reduce waste and financial burden4
  • Adherence to safety guidelines2
  • Labeled and barcoded to help verification of proper drug and dose prior to administration, promoting safe medication delivery2

Operational Efficiency

  • No dilution required
  • Time savings and improved workflow for nurses2
  • Improved nurse satisfaction2
  • Reduced training requirements for medication administration2
  • Less variability in administration practices2 3
  • Improved standardization2,3

RTA medication systems are recommended by leading independent medication safety associations and professional organizations.5,3,6,7

MicroVault® packaging supports secure dispensing of controlled substances

Simplist prefilled syringes in MicroVault tamper-evident packaging provides options that may help enable product size optimization in a consistent drug delivery system across our portfolio.

Simplist MicroVault packaging features

Omnicell® Controlled Substance Dispenser (CSD) accommodates Simplist MicroVault prefilled syringes

The Controlled Substance Dispenser provides additional levels of security for single dose dispensing of high-risk, high-value medications.

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Omnicell controlled substance dispenser

Blister packaging with clear, easy-to-read labels may help ensure delivery of the right medication at the right dose

Each Simplist prefilled syringe and blister are color coded and identically prelabeled with the drug name, strength, expiration date, and barcode to assist with drug identification.

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Simplist MicroVault instructions for use video

Simplist MicroVault Instructions for Use Training Video

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Simplist pharmacy storage optimization

Pharmacy Storage Optimization

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